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Mayor, Aldermen, and Council, p Georgetown Mass. Citizens, p Georgia, p Germantown, U.

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Sloop, p Gertrudes, Sp. Slaver, p Gettysburg Pa.

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  • Citizens, p Gibbs Howard , Amer. Nuevitas, p Giddings Joshua R. Slaver Brig, p Gloucester Mass. Citizens, p Gooch Daniel W. From Mass. African Gordon Nathaniel , Master Amer. Slaver Brig, p Groesbeck William S. Colonization Society, p Gwin W. From Calif. Brig Kremlin.

    Deposition; see Fenix, Span. Citizens, p Hamlin Edward S. From Iowa, p Harlequin, H. Sloop Russell , p Harriet, Amer. Slaver, p Harris Isham G. From M. Forces S.

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    Coast of Africa, p Haverhill Mass. Citizens, p Hayne Robert Y. Ship Burgess , p Helm Charles J. From Texas, p Henley John D. Citizens, p Herald, Amer. Slaver Barker , pp Hermosa, Amer. Chattin ; Claim vs. Citizens, p Hill, Master Amer.

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    Citizens, p Hillyer Junius , p Himmaleh, Amer. Slaver Brig, p Huffington, Master Amer. Sloop Alecto, p Hunt Thomas W.

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    Shakespeare; see Shakespeare Hunter Robert M. Ontario; see Ontario Huron Co. Dupony , p Illonois, p Illinois, Amer.

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    Swift , p Imogene, Amer. Bark, p Indiana, pp Ingersoll Charles J. Ship Tucker ; see Illinois, Amer. Harris, Slaver, p J. Cobb, Amer. Citizens, p James Buchanan, Slaver Schr. Gambril; see H. Gambril Jefferson Thomas , of Va. Citizens, p Jones George W. From Tenn.

    Officer Br. Forces W. Coast of Africa, p Joseph H. Bark, p Juliana, Amer. Slaver Brig, p Juliet, Amer. Slaver Brig, p Jupiter, Amer. Treasury Dept. Cuban Waters. Kennedy John P. From Md.

    Anaconda, p Koeler George C. Brig; see Fenix, Span.

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    Slaver Kroomen, p L Lafayette Ind. Citizens, p Lake John, Jr. Citizens, p Lara Jose , p Lark, Span. Solomon , p Larkin, Master Slaver Schr. Brig; Claim vs. From Mich.

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    Brig, Slaver, p Leda, Amer. Pearce , p Leeds Mark H. African, etc. Citizens, p Locomotora, Port. Souza , p London England , p Lorain Co. Brig, p Lucy Penniman, Amer. Slaver, p Lydia Gibbs, Amer. Watson , p Lyme Conn. Memorials; see Slave Trade Lyme O. Citizens, p Lynx, U. Commission, etc. Madison Co. Citizens, p Maffit John N.