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Overton Agnes B. Metcalf Juanita I. Couples who are 16 or 17 are permitted to marry with written parental consent from both parents.


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If one of those parents is a sole guardian, they must provide a copy of their divorce decree or death certificate. The only exception to these rules is for members of the United States armed forces. People under 18 years old who are in active duty are permitted to marry without parental consent. However, they must provide military papers, proving their active duties status in the military.

Alaska Marriage License

In order to obtain a marriage license in the state of Alaska, you will need to provide some documentation to prove who you are. You may need to bring a birth certificate to prove your age. If you are right at the legal age, I would recommend bringing your birth certificate with you just in case. Additionally, you will need a picture ID such as a drivers license or passport with your full legal name.

If you are under 18 and want to get married, you need a parental consent form that is signed by both parents. If you are under 18 but are currently in the United States military, you do not need parental consent but will will need military forms to prove your active duty status. Lastly, if you have been divorced for less than days, you will need to provide a copy of your divorce decree. Unlike other states, Alaska has one cost for the entire state instead of having each county determine their own pricing. Once you have submitted your application, you have one-year to pick up your certificate.

If you do not pick up your marriage license within one-year, there is no refund or extension.

Alaska vital Records

If you would like to see the actual marriage licence application, here is the PDF form. Ceremonies may be scheduled at the Courthouse. Ceremonies are by appointment only, at the court, and only during regular business hours 8 a.