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Marvell is enabling constant connectivity in the car with a complete product portfolio of AEC-Q qualified wireless automotive connectivity solutions.

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Delivering reliable and high-performance wireless connectivity is becoming more difficult in the increasingly congested automobile environment. This combo solution enables gigabit-level performance, superior reliability, and enhanced security for the car and extends Marvell leadership in providing comprehensive Wi-Fi 6 solutions. Learn more. It supports 2 or 3 antenna configurations giving system designers the ultimate flexibility in their design of IVI, Telematics or wireless Gateway solutions.

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The Marvell 88W builds on top of the feature-rich and robust software architecture of earlier generations of automotive-grade Marvell products and provides a seamless upgrade path to cutting-edge technologies, such as 11ac 1X1 VHT for support of all screen projection technologies gaining momentum in automotive.

A virtual dual-MAC implementation allows for support of these demanding use cases even when multiple wireless interfaces are required giving system designers ultimate flexibility. To contact Marvell Sales, please submit your inquiry via request for information below. Automotive Wireless Enabling constant connectivity in the car of tomorrow. Looking for our Products? Product Selector Guide.

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Data Center and Cloud. All Solutions. Driver Downloads Download the latest Marvell drivers for your specific device or application. Download Drivers. They typically have to be in close proximity to each other and correctly aligned over the top of each other, although a set orientation is normally not necessary.

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Rechargeable toothbrushes and other bathroom accessories have used inductive charging since the s. A variety of smartwatches, including the Apple Watch, Moto and LG Watch Style, can only be charged wirelessly, while some tablets such as the Nexus 7 supported wireless charging. Some laptops can also be charged wirelessly, but are typically incompatible with the technologies and standards used for smaller gadget charging. Yes, most phones and some chargers heat up slightly on the back where the wireless charging is taking place. The biggest downside is that wireless charging cannot be performed through metal with current technology. That means most wirelessly charging smartphones have either plastic or glass backs, the later of which makes them more fragile. It also may not work through thick cases, although generally does through thin plastic cases, dependent on the phone and the charger.

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While the standards for wireless charging have been in flux for years, now that most devices either support multiple standards or at least Qi, wireless charging is likely to become a standard part of smartphones in the near future. The short answer is no.

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As long as the charger matches the wireless charging standard supported by your smartphone you can use any wireless charger. How do I wirelessly charge my phone? What do I need?

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